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Interview with Even The Dead Love A Parade-Stevie Benton

Interview with Even The Dead Love A Parade-Stevie Benton
By Amber Main

UnRated Amber- I have known of the band Even The Dead Love A Parade for a couple years now at least, as the banion to stay indie as it were, made in the beginning or did you all make that decision down the road? What would you say were the factors in that decision?

Stevie- The plan was always to stay indie.  It waters down the product when too many cooks get in the kitchen.  We have a sound and a vision that is all our own. We want to keep it that way.

UnRated Amber- Do you plan on touring and recording full albums or would that be quite difficult with Drowning Pool still touring a lot?

Stevie- We plan on touring, recording, and taking over the world. I got plenty of time for all that.

UnRated Amber- Having listened to the EP, it's so high energy and really well done in all aspects. What are some of your musical influences going into the music for this band?

Stevie- I feel like it's Sabbath meets Pantera. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

UnRated Amber- Being in a veteran band like D.P. which turned 20 years old this year and being signed to record labels, having had to walk these fine lines regarding what the labels want from you and still staying true to yourself, do you find yourself with more creative freedom with ETDLAP?

Stevie- It's always a struggle. As soon as you find success doing things your own way, everyone wants to tell you what you should be doing. At this point in my career, I have no problem telling people to mind their own fucking business.

UnRated Amber- What kind of knowledge do you bring to the table with ETDLAP from being on the road all these years and recording as many albums as you have and all of the bumps in the road you have endured?

Stevie- I know to keep our circle small. Keep our recording agreements non binding. And never be afraid to tell people no.

UnRated Amber- Did you find it difficult to record everything separate with you all in one state and Jordan in another? I have to say the music came out pretty amazing considering, I would have never been able to tell!

Stevie- Not at all. It's easy actually. Braxton makes it all fit together.

UnRated Amber- For the music video for "Heart Poacher", what was the thought process going into the filming of that video?

Stevie- It was all Matt's vision. He told me over the phone one day how the video was going to look. And I'll be damned, it turned out exactly like he said it would.

UnRated Amber- Future endeavors for ETDLAP or are you just playing it by ear?

Stevie- We are going to do regional shows here and there while we focus on recording a full album.

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