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Friday the 13th with Avatar and release of Feathers and Flesh at RiverSide Theater in Green Bay, WI

Friday the 13th with Avatar and release of Feathers and Flesh at RiverSide Theater in Green Bay, WI 

Story and Photos By:  Coren E. McLeod 

The Metal scene has very devoted fans.  Music touches so many souls in different ways.  And that is what makes the world of music so interesting.  I happen to be all over the place when it comes to who I am listening to. Presently, I am heavily influenced by metal.  My current top 5 bands are:  Meka Nism, (duh…), Motorhead, Left With Tomorrow, Avatar and Man the Mighty. 
I had an amazing opportunity to head up to Green Bay, WI on Friday the 13th to witness the tremendous and astounding sounds of Avatar.  This was a huge day for the Swedish metal band.  They were releasing their concept album Feathers and Flesh.   The idea behind this album is so awe-inspiring and what a fucking glorious idea for other bands to try.   
Feathers and Flesh is based on, according to the band, “It is about this owl who goes to war against the world to prevent the sun from rising.  It is a fable inspired by the work of the famous French fable writer Jean de La Fontaine, so the creatures in the fable represent a side of the human psyche or different behaviors.  Something good or bad happens to them depending on what they do in the story, and at the end you learn some of lesson.” 

I was always curious to see what sort of music Green Bay, WI would like.  I heard they have a huge country following out in Packers’ land.  However, when I showed up to the RiverSide Ballroom that night, I was completely wrong.  There were metal heads all over ready to tear the place down…   
The first time I ever heard of Avatar was on 95.1 WIIL Rock.  The song “It Smells like a Freak Show” seriously stood out to me in so many ways.  The song was so fucking hard core and had different levels of musicianship behind it.   I was so enthralled with how mind-blowing the song was.  
Again, I showed up to the RiverSide Ballroom to not only see Avatar, but the wonderful people of Meka Nism Plus, since I was recently exposed to SunFlower Dead, I was excited to see what they would bring to the table of tooth grinding metal.   
I was granted permission from the stellar promotional group RockerChix Concert Promoters to take pictures from the photo pit.  I was so ready to get my photographer groove on.  

Rockerchix Promoters Logo

While waiting for Avatar to hit the stage, I noticed right off the bat was all these people dressed up as “bees” in the audience.  People were dressed up in bee costumes.  Considering I was an Avatar fan, I felt kind of stupid not knowing why this was happening.  I was later informed that this was “The Swarm” or diehard fans of Avatar.  Seeing this in person was remarkable. Understanding this was Avatar’s first headlining tour, it was unbelievable to see that their fans were ready to show their appreciation for their favorite musical act. 
Okay, I was in the photo pit for Avatar’s set.  And I could tell the entire audience was becoming restless.  I could feel the vibes of their fans breathing down my neck waiting for Avatar to hit the stage.  

Being that close to all the action, it was a little intense.  Meka Nism and SunFlower Dead were so remarkable opening for Avatar.  This tour and all the bands complemented each other so well.  Between the hard core show, the showmanship and the makeup, I can see why all the bands got along so well. 
It was go time for Avatar.  I felt the rapture of the pounding of the beats of the stage hitting me.  Then, the fog machines came on and I was lost in a sea of smoke.  Once I was able to see, Avatar came out and yes….  #ShitYesOn….  

Lord, what was so mesmerizing was their stage presences.  My eyes were focused on the lead singer, Johannes Eckerstrom.  OMG.  He was so addicting to watch.  His command over the audience was so powerful and his dance moves were very similar to Michal Jackson’s.  Seriously, no joke.  I loved watching the other band members as well:  Jonas (guitar), Tim (guitar, backing vocals), Henrik (bass, backing vocal) and John (drums).  The fact they were all in sync with each between the music and just fucking whipping their hair in rhythm with each other; my mouth dropped to the floor. 
The best part of the show was Avatar had their concept album dropping that day, yet they still played fan favorites like “Bloody Angel,” “Hail the Apocalypse” and of course “Smells Like a Freak Show.”  Fans got a great taste of the new album, Feathers and Flesh.  What I truly loved hearing was “The Eagle has Landed,” “For the Swarm,” and “Tooth, Beak and Claw.”   
I can truly say this was one of the best experiences I had at a concert.  I got to see Meka Nism. (Always such a great, fucking enchanting time to see.) I got expose to SunFlower Dead.  And be able to join the swarm with Avatar, it was truly a day where history was being written and I was a part of it.  #Cheers  

The night ended with Avatar coming out to sign autographs for their fans.  This was truly a spectacle to see.  All of Avatar’s fans lined up with their new record in hand to spend a few minutes with them.  I was also in line to have my copy of Feathers and Flesh signed.  I was a big dork meeting Avatar, yet I did not care.  The entire band was so professional and sweet all at the same time.  It was a joy to witness. 
I highly recommend picking up Feathers and Flesh.  The album is extraordinary and it is genuinely unique on many diverse levels.  Avatar does tell a marvelous story that any metal fan can be grateful for.

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