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One on One with Author April Sheris

April Sheris is a businesswoman, publisher, mindset coach, creative visionary for young entrepreneurs and author of Life Resolutions: 30 Days of Affirmations for an Intuitive Understanding and Empowerment. She is a single mother of one son and two daughters, as well as, the only African-American female publisher of scholarly works in Louisiana via her publishing company Upland Avenue Productions (UAP). As CEO of UAP, April decided to expand their publishing services to help provide opportunities and hope for young women and men in her community in their curriculum vitae. This inspiring entrepreneur is making strides in the realms of economic and social responsibility.

Unrated Dan:  Who are your influences and why? 
I am heavily influenced by strong women from various backgrounds in business. The most recent women I'm influenced by is Ericka Pittman. She is the VP of Combs Enterprises and she is so strong and assertive which is needed as a woman in business. But, she also balances that with integrity and support where her staff may need it most. She embodies the modern woman that is walking in her achievements.

Unrated Dan:  What is your latest project? 
Currently, we are preparing to release two new children's books to the market. They are endearing from a parental standpoint but discretely covers topics that children can relate too. We are also in the midst of launching our first writer’s conference. We have a line-up of literary professionals and global marketers that I'm sure authors and writers will benefit greatly from.

Unrated Dan:  What about a tour? What are your current touring plans?
A tour is something we have ongoing for our authors. We have placements with key trade shows year round that our clients are privy too. It's proven to be a tremendous asset for those that have participated.

Unrated Dan:  What is the passion you have toward publishing and why?
I love the process of watching a client go from writer to author. It's a dream many writers share but many are filled with uncertainty on whether

Unrated Dan:  Are you creative in any other arts including sciences and technology? 

I've always been pretty proficient in technology. My background is in Computer Network Support. In the beginning, I was the graphic designer, web designer, and technical support for my company. I've learned to delegate those tasks now but I still feel a creative spark to be hands on from time to time.

Unrated Dan:  Do you have a family and how supportive are they? 
My family has been my rock. They are the stable and calm seas after many long days. My children are learning the business with a young, fresh passion. My fiancé has been instrumental in keeping me sane and even keel when business logistics go awry.

Unrated Dan:  How do you plan to invest the successes you have monetarily? And what does the future hold? 
I always save a good portion of proceeds, invest a portion of proceeds and give back with the remaining portion of proceeds. I find it extremely important to always, always do all three. Publishing is an ever-changing industry. Along with our publishing arm, we have plans to develop a home line, a media company and our most recent development is into skincare. We're always working.


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