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Unrated Magazine: These are the questions and answers

1. Who are the influences and why?
My influences are my Parents who raised all nine of their children with strict discipline and an entrepreneur state of mind.  My mother had her own business while working. She would leave her nine to five and come home just to start working for herself. I often helped her and that proud feeling that I had, knowing we were working for ourselves, made me appreciate her even more. Then my older brother had a strong influences because he stressed "Be independent" as I was growing up. When our father passed in 1981 my older brother stepped in and continued to push me to be independent and work toward owning my business and living out my dreams, along with a my other older brothers and sisters.

2. What is your latest Project?
My latest project is my Stage play from my book, "What Happens Behind Closed Doors." My stage play will premiere on June 18th and 19th at the Atlanta Rialto Theater. This play is geared around the struggles of marriage, sibling relationships and decisions that we as adults make and the consequences that follow. It also helps us to understand the art of not judging and the art of forgiving. This is something I believe that all would enjoy and receive the message of love regardless of race, sex, religion or creed. (Laughs) I can't really say age because this is for adults only, no children under 18 allowed due to contents. (smile)

3. What about a tour? What are your current touring Plans?
Oh yes, we most definitely want to tour. We are evaluating our Progress in Atlanta to determine if we will tour. We have already made contact with Detroit, Miami and South Carolina.

4. What is the passion you have toward your goals and why? 
 My passion is to get the message of love and forgiveness to people. We can't love and forgive if we continue to judge each other. I just think we have enough violence in this world and we could use some love. We need to teach our children to love more. Also through my art and projects I want to create jobs for people who need the work and want to work. I am going to continue writing more stage plays and screen plays as well to create jobs.

5. Are you creative in any other arts including science and technology?
Oh I'm so glad you asked that question, because everything I do, all my work I plan, it starts with a science to it. We have to have the science behind the plan that we present whether it's to one or two people or to the world. Everything we do has science to it. It's universal. And once you put the science and math to your plans, your plans should be in accordance to technology of time or the technology to come if you're really good. (smiles)

6. Do you have family and how supportive are they?
(Smiles and laughter) My family is very supportive. My family is where I get my strength. I thank God for my family and their support. My sister Sandra D is my other half. She saw my vision and believed in me. She has been not just my moral support, but she has sponsored financially and one of my biggest investors. I not only have family support, my Director Mike, owner of Magtai films and Chris Waymon, owner of Gate City Management has been very support and protective of me and my project. These two have been there along with their staff holding me down and pushing my play along the way. I also want to give thanks to Woody Martin owner of WJ Enterprises and Jamar Hargove for all their marketing support and business advice. These people have really been in my corner and its support like this that makes it all worth it. There are many more I could name, that's how much support I have.

7. How do you plan to invest in the success you have monetarily? And what does the future hold?
Yes, I plan to invest in my own Production studio and creating jobs. I also want to invest in orphanage to educate those children how to be entrepreneurs.  What does the future holds for me? I definitely plan to tour with my stage play and coming in 2017 I would like to bring to the stage part two of my play. Whatever happens behind closed doors usually comes out in the open so we must have a part two to the play. I have written multiple movies and cartoons so hopefully I can get my material to the right people to make the right moves in getting my material on movie screen or television. 
 Thanks for having me for this interview and I hope to see you at my play. You can get tickets at whbcd.eventbrite.com

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