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Someone to Watch for - Vein "I Feel It" (Feat. Alejandro Brooks) (EDM, Pop, World)

Gavriel Rafael Aminov, better known as, VEIN, is a Puerto Rican-Russian music producer, songwriter and artist born September 5, 1985 in New York City. Raised in Miami, he had an early start in music with piano lessons at age five. Under the strict supervision of his mother, the two to three hour daily practice routine instilled in him the discipline that allowed him to grasp the music theory that would ultimately prove to be a vital part of his career.

While attending Michael Krop Senior High School, his classmates gave him the nickname 'Vein,' which eventually became his artistic name. "I have a scar down the center of my head; they said it looked like a vein. I kind of liked that and thought it was pretty funny, so it stuck."

Vein began growing his name the only way he knew how: with a lot of hard work and commitment; the very same key factors that motivated him to pursue a career in the music industry and flourish as a multifaceted artist.

"I was never one that had dreams of becoming a doctor or a lawyer; I remember graduating high school and not knowing what to do with my life. That was when I gave up being practical and started chasing 'the dream'."

Vein started remixing popular songs and once local Miami radio stations such as Power 96, Y-100 and 103.5 The Beat, began airing his tracks, he not only garnered the attention of radio listeners, but also of international superstar Pitbull. Immediately following was their first collaboration, "Midnight," on Pitbull’s album “Boat Lift.” The song transcended from iPods to big screens around the world when it was featured in Disney's dance movie, "Step Up 2."

While touring the world, Vein has had some incredible experiences, however, out of his countless performances, none can match the feeling of his New Year's Eve live performance of "11:59" with Pitbull that aired on ABC from Time Square, to ring in 2012.

Throughout his career, Vein has collaborated with, and produced for, an extensive range of Latin and American artists including Alejandro Sanz, Ashanti, Belinda, Enrique Iglesias, J Balvin, Jay Sean, Leona Lewis, Red Foo (LMFAO) and Robin Thicke, among others.

The many hit singles under his belt include: Jay Sean singing in Spanish for the first time in the "Mars” remix, featuring Rick Ross and J Balvin; and infectious remixes produced for highly acclaimed artists such as Chino & Nacho, Paulina Rubio, Romeo Santos and Sean Paul, helping them reach success in the EDM market. Taking the lead role as producer to masterfully fusion the voice of a worldwide music icon into an already popular song while keeping the integrity of the record intact, he delivered what became one of 2014's biggest hits, the official remix of "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias, a song that is featured on the deluxe version of his album "Sex And Love.”

With longtime friend, co-writer and production partner, Keith Ross, Vein has all the necessary pieces to launch the next phase in the dream he has relentlessly pursued for many years. With their production team, "The Infantry," the possibilities have become infinite, crossing and fusing genres seamlessly from one song to the next.

His current work in front of the mic, “TRANSLATION," features the participation of Colombian superstar J Balvin and Mexican beauty Belinda. Already showing signs of a hit, "Translation" is a blend of different genres and styles of music. The lyric video for this catchy song will be released in the upcoming weeks and its daring lyrics are sure to be heard in nightclubs and radio stations across the nation.

Vein is now one of the first producers to ever fuse artists and genres in innovative ways. Whether producing, composing, or singing, Vein has proven his versatility and ability to dominate all aspects of music throughout the years. A long way from the original legwork of remixing popular songs, Vein is now an ever-growing brand gaining global recognition day by day. 

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