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One on One with Ohio Rocker Ira Hill

  Photo credit Joe Banker 

Coren from Unrated: Hey Jordan and the rest of Ira Hill,
This is Coren McLeod with Unrated/Metal Magazine.
Thanks for taking the time to do  this interview with me.  I was at the 313 Entertainment Event and I was taking some pictures of your band during your performance.  All I can say is WOW!!!!  It was great to see a band with such high energy and a hard core metal sound.  Let me ask you a few questions regarding SXSW.
Please list each member that is responding to these questions and their position in the band:
Jordon Marich - Drums (Blue man)
Brian Clark - Guitar/clean vocals (Big Red)
Dick Chuck - Bass (Green Giant)
Devon Drusky - Angry Vocals (Papa Death)

Coren from Unrated: So, how did you guys found out about this performance at the Dirty Dog Bar on March 18th with 313 Entertainment?
Ira Hill: We as Ira Hill like to go on adventures from time to time. One day, we ended up in a forest and found a shiny genie bottle on the ground. We were granted one wish...and that wish was to showcase our color and beer bonging capabilities to the Dirty Dog at SXSW. 

Coren from Unrated: The performance like I said was awesome.  What do you want to bring to your fans each time you perform?
Ira Hill:To always have a great time no matter the circumstances. Life's a garden, dig it.

Coren from Unrated: What I found the most interesting was the makeup and the lead singer physically coming out to the audience to sing and dance.  Are those your special trademarks?
Ira Hill: We like to stay fresh and unpredictable and the on-stage antics one day could be completely different the next. Our live shows compare to the consistency of snowflakes as you can never get two of the same ;)

Coren from Unrated: Your new album, "Just keep Swimming: is a fusion of hard metal and great vocals, what are some of your favorite songs on the album or any from the past?
Ira Hill: We consider ourselves old school metal heads and end up shamelessly jamming "Everything I Need" when hitting the gym. Really gets the blood pumping. 

Coren from Unrated: We are just a few months into the new year, what else will be happening this year for Ira Hill?
Ira Hill: We will be taking the IRA PARTY to as many locations as possible to slap paint all across the nation while continuously preparing our new songs for the world.

Coren from Unrated: Obviously each member of Ira Hill is influenced by certain genres and music.  What are some of your favorite bands to listen to?
Ira Hill: We actually don't get influenced by music too much but rather other art forms. We enjoy Cirque De Soleil, the Blue Man Group, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the Tough Mudder.

Coren from Unrated:  How do each of you come together to write your songs?  What is the process?
Ira Hill: A magician never reveals his secrets.

Coren from Unrated:  Is there anything weird you would like to share about a certain member of the band or any weird on stage antics or rituals?
Ira Hill: We're pretty normal guys besides the fact that we met on Christian Mingle and take pre-workout before all shows to get jacked up. I (Dick) also consider the highlight of my day massaging paint onto my fellow band members prior to each set.

Coren from Unrated: Anything else you would like to share about your experience in the music industry or SXSW in general?
Ira Hill:We take everything day by day and as professional as possible.
Thanks guys for the interview.
Coren McLeod
Unrated Magazine


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