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EP Review of Evan Roth

                                                      Evan Roth – The Way It Was EP
                                                        Review by Maggie Timmons

Singer-songwriter/ composer Evan Roth released his independent debut EP The Way It Was on March 8th. Evan Roth’s EP features six amazing tracks; The Way It Was, Overture, City Lights, Walk Away, Silhouette, and Interlude. He has been active since 2011 scoring music for films and commercials but this is the first time putting himself in the spotlight of the music world.  If you were interested in alternative pop music then I would definitely recommend this EP.  

The first song was ‘Overture’ and it started out with a magnificent violin piece, which sounds amazing, and throughout the song he just kept adding beautiful piano and vocal tracks. The next two songs were ‘City Lights’ and ‘Walk Away’, which had very catchy vocals.  ‘Silhouette’ is yet additional fantastic track that really is just such a versatile song to play in any situation. ‘Interlude’ is another track that is very unique song along with the rest of his album. The final track was ‘The Way It Was’; I almost couldn’t pick a favorite track because I absolutely love this style of music but if I had to choose my favorite would most definitely be this song because the melody is so calming.

Overall, the EP in its entirety had amazing vocals and instrumentals. These are perfect tracks to get up and dance to, a song you would hear in the background of a film, or to play in the background while finishing another task. The creativity put into this was outstanding but you could also tell the similarities of other alternative pop artists. Evans passionate and heartfelt EP was a perfect introduction to his music. I wish him luck in his future music career

Evan Roth
The Way It Was EP.

Release Date: March 8, 2016

The Way It Was EP Track List:
1.      Overture
2.       City Lights
3.      Walk Away
4.       Silhouette
5.      Interlude
6.      The Way It Was

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