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Adelitas Way’s “Getaway” Serves Up New Album With Truth

Adelitas Way’s “Getaway” Serves up New Album With Truth
By:  Coren McLeod

Rick DeJesus is no stranger to the music scene.  Starting Adelitas Way back in 2006, DeJesus has served up such hits like “Alive,” “Sick” and The WWE Favorite “Invincible.”  With his charming good boy looks and his amazing vocal talent, DeJesus takes his fourth studio album, Getaway, to a different level.
The band essentially took a risk and wanted to do music on their terms.  With the EP release of Deserve This, audiences got a taste of what direction DeJesus and the rest of Adelitas Way will be heading with their music.  The new album, Getaway, is a full album that is for sure laced with radio friendly hits like “Bad Reputation” and the melodic tune “Low.”  However, I feel as though DeJesus took a deeper commitment to what he wanted to present to his fans.  Adelitas Way’s fan are a devoted bunch of people and DeJesus knows that. 

While I was listening to this album, I was hooked.  I have been a fan of Adelitas Way since I heard the addicting yet lovely “Alive.”  At that point in my life, I was in a very amazing relationship and I thought the world of the guy I was with.  (Well, lol, obviously things have changed since 2 years ago.  So, let us move on….  LOL)  DeJesus and his band know how to hook men and women into fully listening to every word that is being sung.  The music is relatable in each aspect of life.

I was able to speak to the one Rick DeJesus back on February 8th, 2016 at Austin’s Fuel Room while out on the Bad Reputation tour.  One thing that he said during the interview is he is really influenced by 90’s alternative rock such as bands like Bush.  While listening to this new album, Getaway is exactly that and that is what is delivered.  Rick is 32 years old and I am not that much older.  So, I was a teenager back in the day enjoying the same music he has and still does.  

“Harbor the Fugitive” literally set chills down my spine while blasting the song in my ears.  The shift between DeJesus’ voice and the dramatic guitar riffs makes “Harbor the Fugitive” a stand out on the album.  One other song that was epic for me was “Shame.”  Stone Temple Pilots is very much a favorite of mine and that is what I thought of while hearing this song.  “Shame” is simple yet cuts right to the core into one’s soul.  And feeling like the world lost another great artist, (Scott Weiland), I love that DeJesus captured the essence of what essentially 90’s music was all about:  bringing the truth to the surface. 

Getaway from Adelitas Way is a breakout for anyone that wants to just feel any emotion again.  I believe this album will capture the foundation of what DeJesus and his band mates have already established with their music.  Yet, they have taken it to another level.  #Cheers
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