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Looplabs Launches Free Collaborative Cloud-Based Music Creation Platform

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Now available as a public beta release, Looplabs is a free, collaborative cloud based music studio that lets anyone, regardless of technical skills or ability, easily make, share and discover music anywhere, anytime and with anyone - all from their web browser.

Looplabs' original creator and Founder Craig Swann, has partnered with Music Executive, Bigram Zayas, and Technologist Timothy Braun as Founding Partners in bringing Looplabs to the world. Joining them are Grammy®-winning music producer Sergio George as Latin Ambassador and Music Advisor; MTV Co-founder Les Garland as Media Strategist and music technology veteran Jon Diamond as Advisor to the Company.

"Everyone is now a creator," says Swann, "whether it's blogs, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. Cloud-based computing, broadband connectivity and social networks have democratized the production and distribution of entire industries. We are witnessing a global transformation of consumers into creators that is generating an explosion of User Generated Content of the written word, photos and videos. Music creation, however, has been largely left behind. Until now." 
Designed for this new generation of creators, Looplabs' intuitive interface automatically snaps more than 25,000 freely available royalty-free sounds into the same tempo and musical key, removing the complexities of musical theory and allowing anyone with internet access to easily create music for their YouTube, Instagram or Vine videos, drop in their next DJ set, remix artists, write songs and record vocals or simply have fun with their friends. 

Les Garland says, "More people today than ever before in history are making music, more people than ever before in history are listening and sharing music. There are still unwired spots on this planet that are getting wired and this visionary concept is viral in nature. That a single platform allows anyone the chance to create, collaborate and share music is a new way of discovering the world, and that is extremely powerful, and that is Looplabs." 

By leveraging open web technologies and APIs such as HTML5, Web Audio and WebRTC; Looplabs allows for a "Google-Docs for music" like experience of remote co-creation and collaboration supporting messaging, audio and video chat and drag-n-drop sharing of musical ideas. More than a free, powerfully simple, browser-based music studio, Looplabs is a social music platform that connects people and music, fosters collaboration, enables education and empowers people of all ages to make music.

For Sergio George "The significance is Looplabs eliminating our current barriers to making music including equipment, knowledge and access and creating a space where very little stands in the way of imagination, intention, and creation."

Looplabs is headquartered in the legendary Music Building in New York City.
Announcements of forthcoming projects and partnerships will follow

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