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Unrated Magazine Interview With Bogglesworth

Unrated Magazine- Who are your influences and why?

Bogglesworth- I would say my biggest influences are Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, and The Prodigy, the way they made seemingly unpleasant sounds enjoyable to listen is what I strive to do with my own music, break molds and barriers, transcend genre, and rebel stereotype.  

Unrated Magazine- What is your  latest project or album
Bogglesworth- My latest album I’m working on is titled ASYLUM and I’m shooting for a early 2016 release.  All the songs have been composed and some are at final mastering but some are still works in progress.  Expect nothing like you have ever heard before, especially from me.  This is essentially a look inside the very twisted mind I possess.  Each song is like a level of ego, or a section of brain so to speak.  The four singles released thus far are available for free download on my soundcloud currently (www.souncloud.com/bogglesworthrecords).  But I’m really excited about what this album represents and how much it is me.  I hope the masses will appreciate it as much as I do.      

Unrated Magazine- What about a tour? What are your current touring plans? 

Bogglesworth- I would love to tour but haven’t had any opportunities to as of yet.  It’s difficult to get through the door at most venues let alone perform there.  But my dream is to tour and share my music with the world. 

Unrated Magazine- What is the passion you have toward music and why?

Bogglesworth- Music is my everything.  It’s my protective ally and worst enemy.  It brings forth the masses but it also isolates.  I am music as much as music is me. 

Unrated Magazine-  Are you creative in any other arts including sciences and technology?

Bogglesworth- I am really into anything and everything that is physics, either elementary or on a quantum level, I find it fascinating.  I try to obtain as much knowledge as I can but I don’t think I have a true understanding of it but hey I guess does anyone, right?  I’m also into Psychology and Sociology.  The way people react as an individual or as a group.  It’s these individual responses that are my “go to” at the moment to build a fanbase but group mentality will take over soon, I hope.  

Unrated Magazine- Do you have a family and how supportive are they?

Bogglesworth- I don’t have a close relationship with my family but that is by mostly my doing.  I was very close to my grandmother but she passed away in June.  I have never felt so truly alone.

Unrated Magazine- How do you plan to invest the successes you have monetarily? and does the future hold?

Bogglesworth- Well at the moment most of my monetary gains get invested back into my music or into ramen, water, and toiletries from Amazon.  That is my sustenance currently.  I find music sustaining but hopefully the future holds more…

Unrated Magazine- How do someone find you?

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