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Camay Interview with UnRated Magazine

Hello this is Camay and I'm with UnRated Magazine

UnRated Magazine- Who are your influences and why?

Camay- My influences range from Jimi Hendrix as a lefty guitarist, to Prince who is a musical genius, to Stevie J with his classic production catalog, to Lauryn Hill who gave me the confidence to rap beyond the sex puppet norms, and to sing, and to wake up, to Erykah Badu who drops gems and wisdom/knowledge of self in an oh so cool way, to Wu Tang who taught me strength of having an extensive vocabulary and from where my stage name comes.

UnRated Magazine- What is your  latest project or album

Camay- I will be releasing an 11 song solo project called Red Mic Special, and a concept EP consisting of 3 SWV inspired songs. That one is a collaboration with Nasim Williams. All of my music is for adults.

UnRated Magazine- What about a tour? What are your current touring plans? 

Camay- I am currently touring locally in LA while w build momentum to take the show EVERYWHERE.

UnRated Magazine-  What is the passion you have toward music and why?

Camay- My passion comes from a love of creating. It's been embedded in my since birth. Perhaps even my previous lifetimes. 

UnRated Magazine-   Are you creative in any other arts including sciences and technology?

 Camay- I've always had love and interest in psychology. I paint, draw, design odd lamps and refurbish antiques. I wear many hats on the creative front.

UnRated Magazine-  Do you have a family and how supportive are they?

Camay- My family is huge. They are my first and strongest support system. My siblings and I are the closest, no matter how far away we may be. 

UnRated Magazine-  How do you plan to invest the successes you have monetarily? and does the future hold?
Camay- I'm developing a NPO to join the fight against hunger. To fund that I'm working with several artists to develop a graphic T, and eventually clothing line. I don't believe in making money and not giving back, no matter how you're doing it. The future is unknown beyond loving my family, loving life, loving ME.

UnRated Magazine- How does someone find you?

Camay- Thank you UnRated Magazine, find us online at www.unratedmagazine.com or follow @UnRatedMagazine

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