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Someone to Watchout for Travis Miller

Travis Miller is an upcoming songwriter and Pop/RnB Top 40 style  artist from the San Jose area, now residing in Fresno, Calif. With a mission to always compose relatable lyrics and music inspired by emotion, Travis strives to give listeners quality music. To ensure quality music, he has put together a solid production team whose names are connected to the likes of John Legend, Kanye West, Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Usher, Jeremih and many more. Travis hopes to join that list of platinum music and if his countless hours of work and dedication to music is any indication, we should be seeing his name on a similiar platform in the not-so-far future. An early indication of that was in early 2013, when Travis was nominated by The Great American Songwriters' panel as one of the best independent RnB and Hip-Hop songwriters in the United States.


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