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Samantha Crain's Provocative "Killer" Video Premieres on Diffuser.fm

LOS ANGELES, CA - Friday, July 24, 2015 -- "Killer," the new video from singer-songwriter Samantha Crain, presents a narrative on the police brutality that is directed at people of color, and through it, the viewer is challenged to speak up in opposition to the injustice and inequality that has been long unacknowledged, but now validated by cell phone videos and social media.

Diffuser.fm is premiering the video and it can be seen here.

Directed by Houston-based filmmakers Weston Getto Allen and Dorian Electra, the "Killer" video was inspired by Michael Brown, who was brutally gunned down on a Ferguson, MO street by police officer Darren Wilson, Freddie Gray's "rough ride" in a Baltimore police van that led to his traumatic death, and John Crawford, shot by police in an Ohio Walmart while facing away from the officers, on his cell phone, holding a toy BB gun he had picked up off a store shelf.

According to Allen and Electra, "'Killer' tells the story of Evan, an African American boy
who dreams of becoming a police officer in order to better his community, but who is killed by the police because of the color of his skin."  The video stars Evan Horsley and was filmed in Houston's Third Ward and at the historic African American Olivewood Cemetery in Houston.  Dating back to the 1870s, it was the first African American burial ground within Houston's city limits, and was established on land that was formerly a graveyard for slaves.
Crain wrote the song "Killer" for her upcoming album, the bold and fearless Under Branch & Thorn & Tree (July 17, Ramseur Records).  While the song addresses the more general oppression and widening gap between classes, sexes, races and creeds, Crain was completely on board when she heard Allen and Electra's video concept.  "I'm glad about the direction Weston and Dorian took the video in," said Crain.  "This is an issue that is very important to me and very relevant to our times.  I feel that both the song and the video are calls for people to not take the media and their leaders at their word, but to seek the reality of situations for themselves."

While Crain refers to Under Branch & Thorn & Tree as her "underdog" album, it is a protest album, plain and simple.  It focuses on every-day, small town life and the challenges of the working class who have lost their voice in today's "one-percenter" society.

"The oligarchy we live under today is not the republic we were promised and it is important to see that and to take action," said Crain.  "I'm not trying to win arguments, I just want to get people involved in the conversation."
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