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Who is Rodrigo Marenna


Rodrigo Marenna was born in 1976, in the city of Pelotas, located in the extreme south of Brazil. Had sang in bands and choirs in his teens. Then, at 16 years old, he began his studies applied to vocal technique and he never stopped. Today, residing for more than 10 years in the mountains, in the city of Caxias do Sul, RS, Marenna divides his time between the career of lead singer of Lacross and acts producing and discovering new bands, ministering classes and workshops of vocal technique. He participated in some CDs and DVDs of bands in the underground scene in Brazil, as well as some musical shows, totaling more than 800 shows in his career.


Marenna is here to stay, it is an innovative and audacious project, betting on the instrumental identity style, blended with melodies of easy perception, daring vocal technique and feeling, facing the contents about, feeling , victory and messages of optimism, the project intends to release a debut EP in early 2015

Marenna is a project released in October 2014 by the composer and lead singer Rodrigo Marenna in solo format, parallel work with the band Lacross Rock, who is the creator and lead singer since 2007 in Caxias do Sul. In this new challenge, Marenna will explore the most of his experience in the music business leading to public his own compositions and his unique style that combines influences from the 90’s Melodic Hard Rock (AOR) and contemporary elements of sounds and arrangements. The other focus of the project is to launch the singer in an international career.

To Marenna, the big bet of the project is the involvement of regional musicians with an unique talent that play in bands that Marenna had the privilege of meeting during his artistic journey. With this support, the singer believes his contributing to the discovery of new talents and building a strong and synergistic relationship with the market through their music.  


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