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White Girl with a Booty are Back- EDUBB

Dolla, Nem and newest addition, female vocalist “Ring” collectively make up the group EDUBB (pronounced E-Dubb). Mostly known from their "tongue in cheek" contributions, the viral hit 
“Whooty” and their trademarked phrase “White Girl with a Booty”, has since become embedded in pop-culture slang. Armed with their newest member Ring, a fiery blonde, pop-rock songstress, who formerly recorded under the direction of Ronald "Slim" Williams & Cash Money Records, brings forth a dynamic shift within EDUBB’s Pop-rap trajectory. This new found appeal as a male-female-male trio consists of: genre-defying lyricist with a retro 80s funk flair, a pop-rock diva with a “Britney meets Lita Ford” vocal edge, and a rapper with enough southern drawl as T.I., but equipped with urban mainstream appeal.

Atlanta natives and founding members, Dolla, Nem, and Johnny Boi (no longer in forefront “Johnny Boi”, now in-house film/video director) have always reveled in their indie roots. Since 2008, subsequent releases “Whooty” and 2011’s “Rain Boots & a Thong”

 achieved viral success, which brought the group celebrity fair, sponsorships and their first international tour. Edubb has garnered: over 80,000 ITunes singles sold, 10 million YouTube & Vevo Views, mentions on TMZ’s cable broadcast, reoccurring video rotation on MTV Jams, placements on Germany’s Next Top Model, and modest radio success.

New addition, Ashley “Ring” born in Cincinnati, Ohio, graduate of SCPA (School for Creative and Performing Arts), signed her first record deal with Cash Money Records in 2008 and released music featuring Lil Wayne in 2011. Ring joined forces with the guys, during a late night recording session for 2014’s comedic release “KFED”, when the band realized female vocals were needed on the chorus. After re-discovering past history with the guys, and noticing organic chemistry, Ring mentioned the idea to record more songs as a trio, which ultimately led to her joining the group.

Their debut EP “The Day It All Changed” is a culmination of a new sound that’s been crafted over the course of a year, leading off with their catchy first single “Let the Good Times Roll” and the iconic B-Side “Whooty Part 2”. This sonic shift is said to be “a mash up of our party vibe, but more of a pop and urban sound with a rock edge”, by Nem of the band. The band is currently focused on their highly energetic stage set along with touring festivals abroad, with hopes of winning over new fans, upon releasing the EP in the summer of 2015.

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