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Unrated Magazine Email Interviews Straight Line Stitch Singer Alexis Brown (Coming to Chicago)

 Heavy metal and hard rock fans are a fickle and discerning bunch. Bands that attempt to make a career for themselves by trend jumping with half-hearted devotion do not last. Straight Line Stitch has been steadily ascending the ranks of metal and hard rock through authentic and impassioned performances, an organic evolution of their writing and recording, and a tried and true road warrior mentality towards touring. The band defined who they were early on in their career and held steadfast to their beliefs while making the natural progressions and growth of a committed touring band. While being genuine at the core of a band's being is an absolute necessity for credibility and longevity, it gets you nowhere fast if the songs do not matter. The SLS sound is 

commanding and universal, engaging casual fans of hard rock and satiating the most stringent fans of metal. The tenacious musicianship is on full display upon first listen, quickly establishing the virtue of the players. The balance between aggressive punch and highly charged hook goes a long way to explaining the wide and diverse range of devoted SLS loyalists. Whether sharing the stage with the titans of metal like Slayer, or playing a coveted slot at the Punk driven Warped Tour, Straight Line Stitch captivates and levels all in attendance. Vocalist Alexis Brown is a blazing persona that demands the attention of a room. Throughout their songs, Alexis navigates a seamless shift from harrowing screams to heartfelt melody that adds depth and sincerity to their music. Her clean vocal parts never take a back seat to the punishing screams, as they are sung with an assertive power and spirit that soar mightily.

How was the band first formed?
The band was formed in 1999 before I joined so I'm not real sure how they all came together before me.  I came aboard in 2004.

How did you find your first label?
We toured like crazy which lead to management and from there management locked in the label.

Why did you pick "Remission" as the first video you did?
Our previous manager chose it. 

I see you had a lot of members for your band over the years.  How did you get Kris Norris from God Forbid in your band?  How long was he in the band?
We played a show in FL & Kris was there..we hit it off & he joined the band.  We had just finished writing and recording our album and needed someone to tour with.

I see you had someone with the name Kevin Smith in your band.  That is not the same Kevin Smith I am thinking about?
Yes there was a Kevin Smith in the band before me, he was one of two singers that straight line stitch originally had. It's not Kevin Smith of Clerks or Silent Bob Kevin Smith if that's who you were thinking.

How did you get picked by Revolver Magazine as one of the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock?
Revolver hit us up & asked.

Are you trying play Louder then Life inLousiville, KY, http://www.louderthanlifefestival.com/ This fall.  This was the lineup last year-

Judas Priest
Stone Temple Pilots (with Chester Bennington)
Limp Bizkit
Alter Bridge
Theory of A Deadman
Of Mice & Men
Memphis May Fire
POP Evil
Thousand Foot Crutch

Kid Rock
Five Finger Death Punch
Papa Roach
A Day to Remember
Bring Me The Horizon
In This Moment
Motionless In White
Nothing More
Butcher Babies
Monster Truck

I think this fest would be great for you.
We would love to play that festival but I think it has more to do with booking agents making that happen.

How has your music change over the years?
It's matured drastically due to growing up, making mistakes, & learning from those mistakes.
What is the Genre of your music?
I really don't have a classification for our type of music. Genres have evolved so much nowadays with sub genres & all I wouldn't even know where to begin. It's whatever the listener says it is.
What is your feeling about Vinyl?
I was raised on vinyl. My mother has a huge collection of old records she would play all the time when I was a kid. I definitely have an appreciation for the look & the sound of vinyl

What do you think of BabyMetal?
I don't have an opinion on it because I haven't really listened to it to form an opinion.

What are some of the bands which Influences your band?
We each have our own influences but some of my influences are Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, The Beetles, Motown oldies, Golden oldies, Katatonia, Sade, 36Crazyfist, Glassjaw, Korn, Stabbing Westward, Depeche Mode, & so many more.

How did you get the name Straight Line Stitch?
Again, it was before my time but what I was always told it was misinterpreted lyrics.

Where does you music come from?
It comes from experience of our lives, it comes from living life.

What are some of the bands you have open up for?
Devil Driver, Times of Grace, Killswitch Engage, 36Crazyfist, Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Kittie, Hed  PE, As I Lay Dying, In This Moment, Nonpoint, Sevendust, All That Remains, Emmure, Hatebreed, Bleed The Sky, & a bunch more I can't think of at the moment.

Who have opened up for you?
We've bee touring for a while so it's been a lot of bands. Here recently bands that opened up for us have been Cage 9, Dead Horse Trauma, Bellusira, Dedvolt,..... 

Who would you like to open up for you?
There are bands that I would love to open for but as for bands opening up for us...I'd feel a little awkward naming bands that I'd like to open for us.

Did you ever play in Chicago at a club call Oasis 160?
I have no idea. We play a lot of gigs & a lot of venues.

What is your instrument of choice?
My vocals.

Do you do any writing?
I write all the lyrics and work together with the band.

What is the biggest crowd you have play for?
Download Festival in the UK.

What direction do you see your music heading in the next 2 years and your long term goals of your music?
I'd hope we'd continue to grow, evolve, & eventually become a household name.

What fest would you like to play?
 All of them!!!!

Who would you like to open up for?
Are you BMI or ASCAP?

What did you want your fans to take from the videos?
 I just want them to enjoy the visuals that bring the song to life.

What bands did you grow up with?
Bad Company, Journey, Eagles, Stixx, Steely Dan & many others
What is on you ipod right now?
Sia, Paper Sons, Nine Inch Nails, Mary Mary, Sade, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Roberta Flack, Jay Sean, Kevin Lavar, Kimbra, Karnivool, Lo Pro, Ear Shot, American Headcharge, Mary Wells, Eightfourseven, The Dreaming, Stabbing Westard, Marvin Gaye, Otis Reading, Teena Marie, The Beetles, High Ingery, Smokey Robinson, & so very much more.

If you could pick any cartoon character who would it be and why?
Walt Disney's Goofy because he's my favorite cartoon character of all time.

What music do you listens to relax?
Golden Oldies or Big Band music.

Anything you like to close with?
Thank you to everyone who has continued to love & show us support. We love you so very much xoxo

Tour dates
Date      Venue                         Location   
Jun 21     Tricky Falls             El Paso, TX   
Jun 23     Club Red Theaters  Mesa, AZ   
Jun 25     Whisky A Go Go    West Hollywood, CA   
Jun 26     Fulton 55                 Fresno, CA   
Jul 12     Frankies                   Toledo, OH   
Jul 18     STAR BAR             Chicago Ridge, IL    


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