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Second Hand Rose "Crossing Boundaries" World Tour

China's boldest rock band will embark on their "Crossing Boundaries" World Tour that will include one of Europe's biggest festivals, Paleo Festival Nyon 2015

China's biggest and boldest rock band Second Hand Rose will launch their upcoming "Crossing Boundaries" World Tour as a continuation of their journey to the West that started with their 2014 American debut at New York Modern Sky Music Festival in Central Park, followed by their 4-city "Useless Rock USA" tour. Combining traditional Chinese folk's self-mockery with modern Western rock's rebellion flawlessly, SHR's "crossing-all-sorts-of-boundaries" tour is bound to astonish the Western music scene yet again.

The band will travel to five cities in three countries and two continents, starting with a show in San Francisco presented by BACMA on July 10th. They will then head to Toronto to perform twice at the "Party on the Block" Festival, Harbourfront Center's booming street party where local meets global. The band will make a return appearance at Berklee College of Music's The Red Room @ Cafe 939, followed by a show at Chinatown's Santos Party House, presented by New Island Entertainment. Then it is off to Zurich, Switzerland for one of Europe's biggest music events Paleo Festival Nyon 2015, including a performance as part of the Far East theme at the Village du Monde.

"Crossing Boundaries" World Tour Dates:
7/10 San Francisco - Albert & Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall
7/12 Toronto – Harbourfront Center "Party on the Block" Festival
7/15 Boston – The Red Room @ Cafe 939
7/18 NYC – Santo's Party House
7/21 Zurich – "Paleo Festival Nyon 2015"

"...when the Tom Waits-like opening to 'Picking A Flower' gave way to its folksy chorus, with Liang Long's distinctively Chinese croon, I found myself singing along with everyone else; I knew the melody even though I'd heard it just once before. When the song morphed into a Pink Floyd psychedelic space riff, only to devolve into Peking opera instrumentals and, finally, to nineties-style hard rock, the appeal of this bonkers mixture became clear: it's a tour of the sounds that constitute an urban, internet-savvy, millennial Chinese youth." - The New Yorker

Being one of the biggest rock bands in Beijing, Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) brings a distinct mix of heavy rock 'n' roll and traditional Chinese instrumentation to the scene. Named for the signature rose singer Liang Long wears behind his ear and the notion that rock in China is a second-hand endeavor, Second Hand Rose revels in taboos (innuendo-laced lyrics, gender-bending costumes) and tweaking the establishment. Liang was drawn to Two Taking Turns because it's a folksy and somewhat vulgar tradition—much like rock music. And by combining the two, the band creates a truly Chinese expression of rock 'n' roll, embracing all of the contradictions of being an artist in modern China.
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