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Alex Rech is the singer-guitarist for the Scotland-based Hard Rock band Driller. He is also a solo artist who has been writing and performing his own music since 2004.

Alex is well known in his homeland Brazil because of the many years he spent working as a guitar tutor and as a session player in the local music scene, while supporting cover bands and original acts.

After having two of his songs included on a compilation CD (2004) released by Southern Brazilian record label Antidoto, and also, after releasing a CD with his original act Instinto Mor (2006), Alex moved to Edinburgh/Scotland where he continued his musical career as a guitar instructor and independent musician.

Alex Rech’s live performances are twofold, acoustic and electric. While the acoustic version is more intimate and more song-oriented, the electric version of his music is when you get to experience the full blow of Alex’s musical talent, both as a performer and as a songwriter.
Currently Alex is working on his first solo album due to come out in 2015

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