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NPR-featured rising star Janita

“This woman’s got the goods. Stardom awaits.” —Billboard Magazine

The buzz and anticipation surrounding Brooklyn-based artist Janita (pronounced YA-nee-tuh) is as unsurprising as it is palpable. Standing room only concerts and sold out festivals have cemented her reputation as an electrifying singer-songwriter, and as an artist whose breakthrough moment has arrived.

"It probably shouldn’t be allowed for someone as talented as singer-songwriter Janita to also be goddess beautiful. She not only writes beautifully powerful songs, but sings with such passion and conviction that it’s hard to take your eyes off her," declares the The Telegraph (UK). The Village Voice adds, "This belle can belt and pen. Janita teems with vocal wattage and knows it.”

Critical acclaim fused with commercial success may be rare in the music world, but this happy combination is not only Janita's norm, it has fueled the artist's own excitement for what is indeed her breakthrough moment: the release of her forthcoming album, Didn't You, My Dear?”

"This new album feels like the fulfilling of a promise I've been making to myself, and to my fans. It's an album about arriving, joyfully, in this brave new world and not turning away, and not turning back," says a smiling Janita. "I wanted to make a record that was powerfully melodic and lush, but with the emotional availability and rawness of my shows. Intentionally unrefined, and unreserved."

That lack of reservation is also found in the glowing praise that is already heralding the album's arrival. PopMatters writes, "For some artists, it's enough to be known by one name like Madonna, Prince, Sade, and Sting. Janita might be another name to add to the list." Marie Claire proclaims, “Janita keeps listeners hooked…HEAR IT!”

Janita reflects on the trajectory that's led her to this worthy tipping point with a tone that rings like a signature chord throughout her new record. A tone that mixes grace with defiance, more focused on the path ahead than the path behind. "I always knew––and I think my fans always knew––that this moment was possible. It was coming, and just ahead of us. A moment we could forge, and enjoy, together. Now that it's here, I couldn't be more excited––or more ready."


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