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Iva Dawn's 'The Only One' EP via Triple Pop Records

Get lost in Iva Dawn's romantic rockabilly title-track from her debut EP The Only One.  The retro-alt pop single was produced and mixed by Grammy Award winning producer-engineer Tom Biller (Warpaint, Silversun Pickups). Iva Dawn boasts an impressive vocal range paired tongue-in-cheek lyrics on "The Only One." The Only One EP is out now on Triple Pop Records.

Iva Dawn is the alter-ego solo project of singer-songwriter Whitney Mower. Growing up a Mormon in the desert landscape of Provo, Utah, which has born artists such as Neon Trees, Sego and Fictionist lends Mower a unique experience. At 18, she left the church and moved to Texas where she started playing music and writing fiction.
Iva Dawn's sound reflects having grown up in a town sort of present-day 1950s. You can hear the local girl singing you a catchy line at the malt shop, but underneath that happy-
go-lucky teenage melody there's a little darkness, maybe even a little violence, a little more than plain and simple romance gone awry. Iva Dawn's debut EP The Only One feels retrospective in chord progression and melody – influenced by singers like Roy Orbison, Julie London, and the musicals of Rogers and Hammerstein, her voice is classic and crooning.
Iva Dawn is joined by her longtime bandmate guitarist/bassist Lucas Gorham (Grandfather Child) and session drummer Matt Chamberlain, whose credits include dozens of the most acclaimed and successful studio albums of all time with artist such as Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Dido and Brandi Carlile. “The Only One” of retro-alternative pop was produced and mixed by GRAMMY award winning producer-engineer Tom Biller (Warpaint, Silversun Pickups).
The Only One  is out now on Austin indie label Triple Pop Records,

Listen to "Officer" Single



1. The Only One
2. Heavy
3. Peter
4. Officer
5. Laugh Until I Cry
6. Song dor C In The Key of C
"Love this ‘60s retro pop incoming from Los Angeles based songstress Iva Dawn. "The Only One" excites with its sun stretched doo wop and soul inspiring upbeat groove, coloring the day in a winter scenary" - Sound Injections

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