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I AM PR Singles: @msGiselleamanie Released "Maybe Remix" Featuring Sixfif!

              I AM PR Singles: @msGiselleamanie   Released "Maybe Remix" Featuring Sixfif!

The independent recording artist with a sweet and soulful R&B sound, Giselle Amanie released her new remix entitled "Maybe" featuring Sixfif. This is now available in SoundCloud and in all other sites.
Giselle Amanie is an independent recording artist residing in San Jose, California with a sweet and soulful R&B sound. Her fresh take on life experiences are taken to another level through lyrically meaningful thoughts that impact those that listen. Giselle also is experienced in songwriting, make up artistry and acting. She is a woman of poetic words and loves inspirational quotes. "Shine your light on, the book I write on. " A quote Giselle goes by to describe hearing her compelling life story.

On January 1st, 1988 Giselle Amanie was born on a Coast guard base in Fortworth,Texas to a loving mother who worked as a professional singer in a traveling band. Her father was a corporal in the United States coast guard as well as a vocalist. Giselle resided in Texas until her parents divorced in January 1990, and her mother and brother moved to Iowa to be with her grandparents. By the age of 10, her family moved to Union City, California and Giselle spent her time flying to Texas in the Summers to visit with her father. Once he was stationed in San Diego, Giselle decided to live with him for awhile in which didn’t last long. By the age of 12, Giselle’s mother remarried and moved the family to San Jose, California where she would grow up.

She attended Evergreen Valley High school and graduated in 2006 with a 3.8 GPA. In her junior year of high school she landed a job at In n Out Burger from 2005-2013. By June of 2013 Amanie quit as an assistant manager and transitioned to the role of assistant manager at Mac Cosmetics. Giselle also attended Evergreen Valley college as well as San Jose State University with a major in Biology, minor in Chemistry. Although she never finished college, those three years molded her into the woman she is today. Giselle wanted more out of life than a degree and salary job, she wanted to fulfill her life dream.

Currently Giselle operates her freelance makeup company "Belle Femme artistry," and works part time at MAC cosmetics. Giselle is also working on her debut EP, "Heartache Fetish" set to release late 2015. Through the years Giselle has come in contact with various professionals in the industry but looking for the right management opportunity to arise.
Giselle is an artist fans can relate to, with her upfront and genuine personality, this triple threat stays true to herself. The classic story of the everyday working woman to living her dream, you're bound to fall in love. Turning heads wherever she goes, with her exotic beauty, sincere smile and all natural physique, soon enough you will be saying, “I know that girl!” Be on the look out for big things coming to a city near you. 

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