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Finnish modern metal and hard rock blender chILL

"Are you tired of the narrow-minded and often impersonal music we are being force fed every day?"

"Would you like to hear something genuine and special in these hollow times of superficial recycled entertainment?"

chILL blends catchy grunge driven rock and modern metal with a twist. Sometimes slightly psychotic vocals and monster metal riffs mixed with plenty of catchy hooks and beautiful melodies will leave you wanting more. Lyrics tell real stories of life, death, love, betrayal, hate, violence, addiction and alienation in a world that seems more and more chaotic every day. chILL is in a class of it`s own... hate it or love it, just remember to keep an open mind.

Finnish modern metal and hard rock blender chILL releases an album artwork-lyric video for new song "Recycled Unentertainment" from their upcoming EP "Artificially Alive". "Artificially Alive" is set to be released in July 2015 by Twisted Entertainment. Artwork by Mikko Raima (pnkfd) and video by Jouni Rantanen. Mixed and mastered by Riq Lahtinen.

Jouni Rantanen - vocals
Eero Koivu - guitars
Miska Rautiainen - guitars
Mika Rautiainen - drums
Helend Jantsikene - bass, vocals

2002 - the brighter the nights (EP)
2004 - what counts (EP)
2008 - controlled chaos (LP)
2010 - in your spine (promo)
2015 - artificially alive (TBR July 2015)
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