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Theatrical scamp rockers FABLE CRY are "delightfully eerie"



Fable Cry, the theatrical scamp rock quintet, currently reside in the woodlands of the gnashing teeth (Nashville, TN), drawing inspiration, musically and poetically, from all things imaginative and mythical.
Guitarist, vocalist, and founder, Zach Ferrin, had his first true musical endeavors begin early in life when he met his first guitar at age 11.  Over the next ten years he would join and start several bands with friends and siblings, expanding his talents with the accordion, drums, banjo, and anything else he could get his hands on.  In 2010, Zach and his youngest sister, Kirstie, decided to begin something new with only the two of them; this was the beginning of the melodiously ruckus-filled band, Fable Cry. In 2011 Fable Cry released their self-titled debut album, and began touring the United States with it.  After several US tours, four music videos, and new material always on its way, Fable Cry’s sound was about to get a whole lot bigger, when cellist and fellow East Nashvillian, Joshua Dent, shouldered his way into the band; and helped take the music to the next level. In the early Spring of 2014, Kirstie left the band and the doors swung wide with new possibilities... Zach knew it was time to take Fable Cry to greater hights - an entire crew was necessary.   It wasn’t long before a new violinist, Jo Cleary, seemed to appear out of thin air - and the fit was perfect!  Simultaneously, renowned bassist and long time friend, Scott Fernandez, began lending his burly strings to the band.  Now all they needed was a drummer and without warning Rechal Gerlach stepped in, and immediately blew everyone away with her adaptability.  Fable Cry could now be what it was always meant to be.  
With a colorfully spooky melody and a flourishing sweep of the hand, Fable Cry will weave their strand of tales, making their way from the solitude of a quiet forest to the wily seas, from the tippy top of a wind swept mountain pass to the twinkling blackness of outer space!  They create a wildly unique show and one that is not to be missed!

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