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Brand New Jameson Burt Music Video for "Let It Pass"

new music video for

jameson burt out today 

 "let it pass"

off the album 'carnivore' ep

"Let It Pass" :: YouTube
"Let It Pass" :: MP3
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Soon after the release of rock and roll icon Jameson Burt's new single "Let It Pass" comes the accompanying music video, premiering now over at Baeble Music. Coming off his recently released Carnivore EP, the track is a slow-churning suspense builder. The sinister sounding guitar plucking throughout the song sets the tone, allowing syncopated drums and bass lines to enter in time. The tension is broken only by Jameson's R&B-like falsetto bridges. The overall feel has a very Iron and Wine vibe to it, but with more of an element of danger.

The video itself is a beautifully haunting reflection of the song's lyrical content. Documenting a woman's night sleepwalking in an isolated hotel room, it displays the struggle of going through life and trying to get yourself together when you are only "half-awake," when only part of you is really present. The woman tries to start her day, but spirals into a near psychotic episode as her conscious self and unconscious self seem to do battle in her own body. Jameson Burt himself is present in the room, a stoic witness as the woman futilely tries to collect herself while plunging deeper and deeper into her dream-state. Violent lighting shines on the woman, evoking a feeling of desperation and chaos. Her effort to carry on with her life is thwarted as the psychological torture proves to be too much and she retires to bed once again. Lines such as "You're living, dying one day at a time" are heavily accentuated by the video. Overwhelmed by the fact that time keeps moving and we're all being thrust into the infinite abyss constantly, the way in which we live our lives is merely a reflection of how aware we are of this.
The "Let It Pass" music video is premiering now at Baeble Music. Be sure to check it out here. You can also give it a listen via Jameson Burt's Soundcloud page or head to his Planetary page for more information.
Carnivore is out now via an Independent release, published by Auditorius BMG/Chrysalis.

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