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Black Metal Band Bhagavat new album

Black Metal Band BHAGAVAT new album out May 8

Swiss/Italian Black Metal Band BHAGAVAT debut album "Annuciazione" coming out May 8

Annunciazione will be released by Rockshots Music and is available for pre-order via Bandcamp ​​at the following link

BHAGAVAT - Annunciazione 
(Rockshots Music)
Release Date: May 8
1. Cloaca Doctrinarum
2. To Burn A Lair Of Snakes
3. Il Manifesto Del Maligno
4. Annunciazione
5. Black Tongue Of Ground
6. Nei Mondi Infimi
7. Su Navi D'Argento
8. MoKsa

is an Italian/Swiss black metal project, born in 2005 as a one-man band from Vama's mind. (guitar, voice). The initial aim was to create music deeply inspired by the masters of scandinavian Black metal scene.


Along the years, stylistic evolution and the increasing need of live performing led to the research of additional members. This process resulted in a 3-pieces line up composed by Vama, Mithra (guitar) and Maelstrom (drums). In 2009, the promo cd "To burn a lair of snakes" was home-recorded and self-distributed. The work received excellent reviews which defined the sound of the band as a violent mixture  of black and death metal elements.

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