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Australia Indie Rock Group Oh Mercy Release New Single

The Planetary Group is happy to announce the release of the Australian sweetheart that is Alexander Gow's newest single "Sandy". Performing under the name Oh Mercy, he has released three albums with a fourth to be released later this year via Casadeldisco Records. Their debut album Privileged Woes won the AMP (Australian Music Prize) Redbull Award For Outstanding Potential and was nominated for a Triple J award for Album Of The Year. Oh Mercy's following two albums Great Barrier Grief and Deep Heat received many nominations including the ARIA awards Breakthrough Artist, Best Cover Art 2011, Best Rock Album, and Best Cover Art 2012 as well as the EG Music Award for Best Group, and the band even won EG's Outstanding Achievement accolade.

If there's one thing Oh Mercy has constantly been praised for, it's their consistently ever-evolving sound and approach to music. "Sandy" is no exception. Taking a relaxed, yet driving approach, the feeling is akin to that of sitting in a car. Your body feels still, the world moving around it, but your brain and eyes know that you're speeding forward. A thick but translucent layer of synth makes for a pleasantly hazy feel with Gow's vocals seeping through and tickling the ears in smoke-like wisps. Reverb flies in all directions, establishing a sad and contemplative, almost shoegaze-y feel, but is lifted up by the hopeful flicks and flutters of high-pitched piano chords. This feeling perfectly accompanies the song's story in which Gow is reunited with a childhood friend under the worst of circumstances.

The track is premiering now over at All Things Go. Watch it here!

The music video for "Sandy" has been described as "a Twin Peaks meets Virgin Suicides approach to lost love and the final goodbye." It features pastel colors, 70's dresses, and dancing ghosts. Check it out below!

"Sandy is a fast song. Faster than the other ones. Sandy is a stuck-in-the-middle kind of song. I wrote it in Nashville. It's about self loathing. And self loathing by way of resenting someone who loves you. Just for loving you! (what a world!!!). It's a little about needing it. But wishing you didn't need it. In the end you're damn glad you got it" - Alexander Gow

"Sandy" is out now via Casadeldisco Records. Listen to it on Soundcloud  

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