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An Interview with Angel "Angel 01" Josol A Rapper from the Philippines

An Interview with Angel"Angel 01" Josol  A Rapper from the Philippines
By Dan Locke

Stage Name: Angel 01
Name: Angel Josol
Position: MAPEH Teacher, Professional Songwriter, Jingle Composer, Rapper/Vocals, Leader in Trez Chickas, Choreographer, Wardrobe Stylist

I found ANGEL “ Angel 01 ” JOSOL on the internet.  She was Facebook friends of one of the businesses I deal with in the Philippines.  I saw she was a rap.  And I said,  hum a Filippo rap.  I have to check this out.  I started watching her videos and I saw that
 she was someone who was really trying to make it in the world of music.  So I connect with her and she agree to do a interview with me.

The Interview took place by email the week of March 29, 2015.  She is presently living in Davao City, Philippines.

Unrated: Where in the Philippines are you from?
Angel: In Barangay Panacan, located in the premier city of the south the DAVAO CITY.

Unrated: What is the type of music you were raised with?
Angel: Actually, I raised with different types of music among the family members. We owned a stage band set of instruments, computerized videoke and the like. In my childhood days, I grew up with praise and worship songs since my late father was not only a businessman but a 

religious leader too. My mom used to play classical music. My two elder brothers influenced me in the world of Hip-Hop Music and I surrounded with wonderful people with different musical influences.

Unrated: What bands did you listen to in your youth?
Angel: Local: Francis M. ( R.I.P.), GLOC- 9, Andrew E.,
Foreign: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Missy Elliot
Local: ASIN, Parokya ni Edgar, Yeng Constantino, Cueshe.
Foreign: Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Boy Bands: Backstreetboys, Nsync, Westlife, A1.

Unrated: At what age did you start playing music?
Angel: At the age of 6

Unrated: What college did you go to?
Angel: I graduated in college as a consistent Dean’s Lister in University of Southeastern Philippines ( USEP ) Davao with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physical Education, Health and Music ( - PEHM ).

Unrated: During your college years how did your music develop?
Angel: During my college years, I can often seen wearing confidence in most of the schools’ major events doing RNB/ Hip-hop dancing, organizing events, rapping, joining literary and

 oratorical events, hosting and sharing wits, rendering students’ service, and writing songs, stories and poems in some school publications. I am very proud to say that I have commendable set of grades which are proof enough that I’m good in balancing academics and extra- curricular activities.

Unrated: After college,  how did you bend your teaching career and the music?
Angel: After my graduation, I’m very lucky to work as a teacher by profession. I successfully passed the Board for Licensure Examination for Teachers ( LET ) in September 2008 and work for 2 years in a private Catholic School and now it’s almost 3 years I rendered my teaching service in a public school in Dr. Santiago Dakudao Sr. National High School.
As a young leader, daughter, an advocate partner in different agencies, a member in different organizations/ communities, a Davao- based artist/ a Mindanao hip-hop act, and as an educator entailed me an enormous amount of responsibility to manage these at all times. But with my special secrets: “ TIME MANAGEMENT ”, “ GREAT DETERMINATION ”, and “ PRAYERS ” I can easily manage all these passions.
Despite in having a music career, Ma’am Angel or Angel 01 is still having deep creativity, calming influence, keeping her artistic passion high and reaping her outmost creativity and artistry.

Unrated: Do you have a band you perform with?
Angel: Yes, I am performing and collaborating other Davao-based bands because I want to support our Davao homegrown artists as well as the local music scene.

Unrated: How did you start recording your videos?
Angel: Actually, it was late 2006 when I started recording my videos since I have no passion from the start on video performance recording. I just realized that I have these extraordinary opportunities performing in other places with different people so I decided to record videos more on remembrance purpose only.

Unrated: And plans to get your music out to the massages so more people can discover you?
Angel: Yes, but for now it is more on being an advocate partner in different organizations/foundations etc. Ex.in my Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-PDEA XI Family, I wrote an anti-drug song for them. I write songs and perform not for money, fame and respect but because I want to travel in different places and win more friends, inspire and entertain people through my original songs and positive music as songwriting is my manner of communication to others. I f given big opportunities, of course I will grab it.

Unrated: You were born and raised in the Philippines, how do you see your music in the big world of music and making on a top ten list.
Angel: We need to dream big things for us to achieve big things. I can see that I can make a difference in someone’s life through my positive music, share God- given talents and skills and I want to be a channel of blessings to others. If God will use me, and I am ready to use my talents in the big world with His amazing ways. Encouragement of my friends, their unfading support and trust, inspiration from my family and to all the people who are still believing in me as well as my talents and capacities, through God’s graces and for having passions in composing songs, rapping and performing them were the things motivated me to continue these passions. That is really innate to me ever since I came to appreciate the beauty of positive music. I will just do my best, reap out my best artistry and expect great things from our Great God.

Unrated: Any one you would like to perform with?
Angel:Local: GLOC- 9, Rico Blanco, Yeng Constantino, Andrew E., Vice Ganda, Bamboo
Foreign: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Cher Lloyd, 2NE1, Nicki Minaj

Unrated: What are you listening to now?
Angel: Inspirational songs


ANGEL “ Angel 01 ” JOSOL Mobile No.: 0922-2924691 or email: angel01_fashion@yahoo.com.ph

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