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The Church Announce SXSW Apperances



March 10, 2015 - The Church are currently in the middle of their North American tour in support of their new album Further/Deeper.  The band will wrap their run by performing four times during SXSW along with sitting for a very special interview at the convention.  Here's the full schedule on where you can catch the band in Austin next week:


Friday March 20th
3:30PM – The SXSW Interview W/The Church
David Fricke from Rolling Stone Magazine to moderate.
10:00PM – Buffalo Billiards
Official SXSW Showcase

Saturday March 21st
2:00PM - Waterloo Records Day Party
Special stripped down performance

7:30PM - Hotel San Jose SXSW Party 
Headlining Performance

12:00AM – Emo's
Free SXSW Showcasehttp://sxsw.com/music/news/2015/church-and-swervedriver-headline-free-show-emos-march-21

After over three decades of making music in various formats, lineups, places and cognitive states, this is a band who have committed, even succumbed, to exploring unchartered sonic territories. The next chapter comes in the form of new music, a new band member and a chance for that to be shared with old fans and new ones through the release of The Church’s 25th studio album titled Further/Deeper, which was released in North America on February 3rd 2015. 

Rolling Stone Australia recently gave the new album four stars while remarking: “Kilbey's somnambulistic vocals and a sense of mystery and intrigue, will never grow old, even 25 albums in. Long may they strum.”

At this stage of the journey, Further/Deeper seems both unimaginable and the only option on their endless quest from chaos to resolution. It's an album of breathtaking new vistas and intense emotions, of sinister black caskets and gorgeous caverns of light, a work born of immense struggle and effortless expression.

With longtime member Marty Willson-Piper being unavailable, Ian Haug (Powderfinger) has come on board to partner the iconic guitar playing of founding member Peter Koppes. Alongside Steve Kilbey, stalwart drummer Tim "timEbandit" Powles - who also produced the album with the band, Haug has helped the quartet to together discover a new textural dimension, and has acted, according to Kilbey, as a “blood transfusion that has brought us back to life.”

Twenty-six songs were born over eight days of exploration in Sydney in late 2013. Guitarist Peter Koppes, recalibrating his personal canvas in the absence of his long-time foil Willson-Piper, drew palpable inspiration from the quartet's remixed chemistry.  "This new incarnation of the band with Ian Haug has brought a joyous energy to the music we've written together," he says. "The rhythm swings more than usual yet the moods still range from melancholy pop to our modern version of heavy psychedelic rock, as in ‘Laurel Canyon’, to the epic gothic-progressive dance track, ‘Globe Spinning’."

From the ominous allure of the lead track, “Vanishing Man,” to the beguiling tippy toes of “Pride Before A Fall;” the chiming keys of “Love Philtre” to the sheer hammer horror “Toy Head;” the exhilarating breeze of “Old Coast Road” and the ultimate, panoramic drama of the mini-screenplay that is “Miami,” Further/Deeper, delivers on the promise of its title in a combined blossoming of melody, rhythm and audacity.

Drummer Tim Powles was again instrumental in the painstaking alchemy that boiled the explosion of ideas down to 12 potent pieces in the early months of 2014, a process that often saw members working simultaneously in separate studios across multiple instruments to produce a work of singular cohesion.

"After an eternal twenty years in The Church I marvel more than ever at how we've become masters of our own freedom," he says. "No strings attached, no view to winning a prize. How lucky are we? Or have we earned it? We've got better at it too. Or maybe it's got the better of us. It seems to devour us. Like magic."

The Church 2015 – North American Tour
3/10/2015                Philadelphia, PA           World Cafe Live
3/12/2015                Boston, MA                 The Sinclair
3/13/2015                New York, NY             Bowery Ballroom
3/14/2015                Brooklyn, NY              Rough Trade
3/15/2015                Raleigh, NC                 Cat's Cradle                         
3/17/2015                Atlanta, GA                 Terminal West
3/18-21/2015           Austin, TX                   SXSW     - Read the full story at UnRatedMagazine.com

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