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NY Pagan Metal Group IMBOLG Announce East Coast Tour Dates

Self-Titled Re-Issue OUT NOW via Forever Autumn Records

RIYL: Black Sabbath, The Misfits, Type O Negative and More

“IMBOLG’s obvious willingness to incorporate a progressive landscape of meter signatures and genre stylings, in fact, are ultimately what sets them apart from many self-proclaimed gothic artists, and will indeed be what serves them best and carries them forward…” – Gothic Beauty Magazine

“…a distinctly odd record, full of majestic elements and delivered with a full-on immediacy that never relies on outright power… for a debut though this is truly tantalizing.” – Mick Mercer, Author of “Music To Die For”

Woodside, Queens-native goth-pagan metal band IMBOLG draws their name from a pagan holiday (also known as Candlemas) that takes place in late winter in anticipation of spring. It marks a time for people to rejoice and acknowledge brighter times to come, as well as find gratitude for what they already have.

Appropriately, IMBOLG are planning a select east coast dates this winter, leading the charge into the impending spring season. These events include a performance in July at the annual Witchsfest in New York City, in addition to a performance at the City of Dark Angels Annual Crow Party, which features a live appearance by actor Laurence Mason, best known for his roles in The Crow as "Tin Tin" and also on the new television series Gotham.

More dates are set to be added in Rhode Island and Connecticut, but see below for all currently confirmed performance dates featuring IMBOLG.

IMBOLG Performance Dates:

3/20 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Legendary Dobbs

3/27 – New York City, NY @ Leftfield (City of Dark Angels Annual “Crow Party”)

4/8 – Teaneck, NJ @ Mexicali Live

7/11 – New York City, NY @ WitchsFest (at Astor Place btwn Broadway and Lafayette)

IMBOLG take their pagan influences seriously. At the beginning of each show, the band performs a pagan ritual which entails the burning of sage and incense, connecting the band and its fans as “one”. The band’s show ritual was actually noted in Goth-music author Mick Mercer’s latest book “Music To Die For”.

The official re-issue of the band’s self-titled album is out now and available for download via iTunes or CD Baby. IMBOLG’s style is distinctive, while drawing influence from artists like Black Sabbath, The Misfits, Type O Negative, Sisters of Mercy, Kiss, 69 Eyes, Paradise Lost, and others.

In 2004, founding member Nate Dal Cais created IMBOLG after forming a musical partnership with original members Julius  Heuman (bass) and Torbin the Beholder (drums, ex-Cro-Mags touring member). IMBOLG began performing at venues like CBGB's and 1313 Alchemy Gothic Lounge, and in locations in New England, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and NJ while continuing to keep a steady presence in New York. Recent line-up changes led to the inclusion of Seann Branchfield on drums (founder of the band Symfinity) and Kitty Hawke of Night Gallery on bass, creating the pinnacle line-up to complete the proper look, sound and feel of IMBOLG, as it was originally envisioned.

To learn more information about IMBOLG, please visit:- Read the full story at UnRatedMagazine.com

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