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 by Virginia Egressy,

Bob Seger - Ride Out
Have always loved Bob Seger and would seen him on tour any where.  With the last cd release I was disappointed.  His voice is still as charismatic as ever but the lyrics were just weird to me.  It seems like he was under a contract to force another album out and placed anything on it.  I feel guilty placing this purchase into the pile of donations to the Amvets.  Never thought that would happen with Bob.

Jessie J - Sweet Talker
New to her music.  Not bad. Reminds me to the "Pussycat Dolls" style and sound.  I would probably follow her more. 

Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear
Interesting CD but very dark lyrics.  Feels like this musician has a lot of pent up anger and releases this through her music. I would continue to listen to her.

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