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Sex Hunter: 1980 (1980)

Studio: Impulse Pictures

Theatrical Release: October 22, 1980

DVD Release: February 11, 2014

Director: Toshiharu Ikeda

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

So being that this was my first journey into the realms of Nikkatsu Erotic Films, I was anxious and excited to see Sex Hunter: 1980. I have heard quite a bit about this series and I wanted to see for myself how bizarre and strange it was. While Sex Hunter was very weird, I couldn't help but be disappointed. If you enjoy watching a woman being tortured for 68 minutes, then this is your film. For those looking for any plot or even point to the movie, look elsewhere. Sex Hunter: 1980 has more in common with the controversial and tasteless Guinea Pig series than being anything erotic.

Miki (Ayako Ohta, whose credits include the film White Rose Campus: Then Everyone Gets Raped) is a young ballet dancer whose boyfriend has been missing for almost a year. One day after one of her dance recitals, she is offered to be accepted into a very exclusive and private dance school that is run by Akiko (Erina Miyai, whose credits include Zoom In: Rape Apartments). Almost right away Miki finds out that this school is also filled with strange perversions and tortures, lead by the mysterious Kurumizawa whose Akiko's right hand man and does most of the torturing.

Miki is forced into performing all sorts of depraved sexual acts, all while screaming and moaning in pain. If maybe the character was a complete bitch it would have been easier to sit through but this young lady does nothing to deserve the torture she receives in this movie. Aside from being brutally raped, she is sodomized with a Coke bottle and is forced to take the liquid into her ass and hold it there until she is swung upside down, thus pissing and farting the liquid out all over herself. While I couldn't help but laugh at how sick and absurd it was, I still felt like a scumbag for doing so.

After being forced to lick Kurumizawa's toes and being kicked in the ass several times, Miki finds her lost lover whose now in a wheelchair and forced to live at the private school as well. His sister happens to be the nutso Akiko who also forces her brother to finger her while she's rubs his Asian schlong during a bathtub sequence. When the movie ends almost abruptly, I didn't feel confused or cheated like I would normally have felt watching a different kind of film. I was relieved.

sex hunter nikkatsu

Sex Hunter: 1980 while technically a well directed and atmospheric movie (director Ikeda went on to make the superior and very scary Evil Dead Traps) is just depressing. Every character is either pure evil or is an innocent victim while being tortured. For the morons who use the term "torture porn" when describing graphic horror films like Hostel and the Saw series (a term I despise), should maybe take a look at Sex Hunter: 1980 for what a real "torture porn" is like.

Impulse's DVD looks very good and the colors are vibrant throughout the movie. The 2.0 Japanese mono track is just fine with no complaints. The DVD includes the trailer and linear notes by Jasper Sharp (who says that this Nikkatsu entry was deemed too disturbing when released). I wish it included wet naps to help wash away the filth. I'm all for extreme movies but when there is no plot with just continuous torture sequences for shock's sake, I tend to tune out or get depressed for witnessing such acts.

Movie: [Rating: 1.5]

DVD: [Rating: 3]

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