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Frozen (2013)

Disney (2013)
Theatrical release Date: November 27, 2013
Blu-ray Disc release Date: March 18, 2014
Rated PG
Directed by: Jennifer Lee & Chris Buck
Starring: Kristin Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel, Jonathon Groff, Alan Tudyk, Santino Fontana, Ciaran Hinds
Music by: Robert Lopez, Kristin Anderson-Lopez, Christophe Beck
Written by: Jennifer Lee – Inspired by “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson

Review by Rob Grabowski

Frozen delivers a wonderful new fairytale from Disney that is an instant classic. Watching this Blu-ray with my family turned out to be a pleasant surprise. We didn't have much knowledge of the story prior to watching and immediately we were captivated by the story. The story introduces sisters Princess Elsa and Princess Anna and we learn of Elsa's powers to turn anything she touches to ice. After Elsa turns the entire kingdom into a wintery wonderland she runs away to leave her kingdom and sister behind. Fearlessly Princess Anna quickly sets out on a journey to find her runaway sister and on this adventure she meets a rugged mountain man named Kristoff, his loyal pet reindeer Sven, and an adorable and lovable snowman named Olaf.

The story is captivating from the first till the last scene with a gorgeous array of blues defining the snowy kingdom. The colors defining the characters really shine against the icy background and have a strong contrast that is visually stunning. I found myself amazed at how well every scene had such attention to detail and found it to be quite stunning. Seeing how Frozen is a musical, the audio had to be up to the task and quite frankly, it surpassed my greatest expectations. The engulfing music and sound effects in lossless DTS-HD Master Audio filled the 7 speakers in my theater room like nothing I have heard before. The story doesn't rely on just low frequencies to pull you in, but a wide range of mids and highs sets the stage for a pleasant musical journey. The bass does deliver a tight low end that is enthralling when our characters find themselves in peril but doesn't come across as obnoxious by being too boomy. The songs are quite memorable and you will find yourself singing along by the credits.

Between the stunning visuals and dynamic audio, Frozen sets a new reference standard for which future movies of this format will be compared.

Frozen (2013)

There are some bonus features on this Blu-ray offering but, this is where we fall a little short. It seems that there could have been a considerable amount of production content that should have been made available and perhaps because the movie is so enjoyable, you really are left wanting more.

Bonus Features:

  • (HD) Original theatrical short: “Get a horse” – 6 minutes

  • (HD) The making of Frozen – 3 minute cast/crew musical performance

  • (HD) D’Frosted: Disney’s journey from Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen – 7 minute featurette

  • (HD) 4 deleted scenes with introduction by director’s Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

  • (HD) 5 music videos

  • (HD) Original teaser trailer

  • Bonus DVD

  • Digital HD Copy

Additional Information

  • Feature running time: 102 minutes

  • Disc Format: BD-50

  • Encoding: AVC (MPEG-4)

  • Video Aspect: 2.24:1

  • Resolution: 1080p/24

  • Audio Format(s): English DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio, Spanish/French Dolby Digital 5.1

  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French

  • Region Code: A,B,C

While there have been other fantastic animated movies, Frozen is now the one in which all others will be compared. It is visually stunning, the audio is breathtaking, and the story is charming and truly reaches a vast audience tugging at the emotions of children as well as adults. I highly recommend adding this to your Blu-ray collection. I would like to make one last note and that is to be prepared for the soundtrack. It has a life of it's own and stands up with it's original score to any musical that has come before. I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself purchasing the CD to accompany this Blu-ray into your collection.

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