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Deep Roots / Starlet Nights (1978)

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1978

DVD Release: February 11, 2014

Director: Lisa Barr


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome's XXX double feature sports two films directed by Lisa Barr (that's really Joseph Bardo under a pseudonym). Both films do drag from time to time but also have their moments. If you know me and the kind of adult films I enjoy, I get a kick out of plenty "wtf" moments and bizarre, off the wall bits of dialog which both films do contain.

The first film is Deep Roots which is a poke at the recent for the time T.V. mini-series Roots. A Native American named Billy (Jesse Chacan) decides to leave his reservation to pursue a new life in Hollywood, CA. After Jesse travels around to all the tourist sites, he is almost immediately swept up in the life of parties and sex. 
deep roots

With almost no plot whatsoever, we see Jesse take on various women with his uncircumcised to-dim pole. Flustered when his recent, virginal girlfriend starts to give him sucky sucky but soon stops, Billy runs off and meets various women who will jump at the chance to take on his large tee pee pee. The movie does abruptly jump from Billy's story to another woman's story which seemed out of place. Joan, a woman about to be married, who can't seem to attract the eye of her future husband, is out to take on any man who'll give her some loving. Billy is one of the men but she pretty much fucks everyone in sight. Joan is played by Anita Sands whose gigantic milk puppies are covered in freckles as well as her vagina looking like a piece of chewing gum. But I guess that's better than seeing Billy's peace pipe spitting out his home made smoke.

The ending of the film leaves one wondering what the hell this movie is about. Both Billy and Joan arrive at a costume party / orgy where everyone gets motherfucked. Even a guy dressed as Groucho Marx gets caught up in the act. With sudden jump cuts of his mug flashing out of nowhere and for no reason, provoked intense laughter for me. Is there a life lesson learned or moral to the story? No. Is there a reason why Andy Warhol super star Liz Renay shows up in the film? No. Neither memorable or a classic, Deep Roots is just an average adult film that could be quickly forgotten but one that isn't awful by any means.

I got the same reaction with the second feature Starlet Nights although it started out much more promising than Deep Roots. This re-telling of Snow White was at times much wittier and funnier than most adult films as the movie focuses on the "Queen" rather than Snow White herself.

As Joyce White (Lesllie Bovee) is masturbating in front of her magical mirror one morning, the genie (who sounds almost like Harvey Fierstein) along with several other men pop out of the mirror to give Joyce a good morning fuck. Bovee, who was also in the Jamie Gillis drama Lustful Feelings is rather good looking and also offers the film the right amount of humor and drama the film calls for at times. She also has the most hairiest bush I have ever seen.

As Joyce complains to her recent husband about his daughter Snow who just doesn't like her, Joyce devises a plan to fix her spoiled step-daughter and ruin her reputation. Along the way Joyce meets and has sex with various characters who are directly taken from the story of Snow White such as a secretary who sneezes while having sex, a grumpy producer, a doctor (Jesse Chacan from Deep Roots), a happy film director, a sleepy actor, etc. However I couldn't figure out who Dopey was since all of the performers in the film were pretty much dopey to begin with. The odd part of the story is that Snow White is barely in the movie but in a way, I kind of liked this little twist/take on the fairy tale.

Both Deep Roots and Starlet Nights look fairly decent on DVD. The picture at times does show its wear and tear, most notably during the beginning and ending credits of both films. The mono soundtrack is fine but nothing memorable. But given the obscure films presented here, one can only be thankfully that Vinegar took the time to release these forgotten adult films. It would have been nice to have a trailer for either film presented here but alas, there is none.

Both movies and DVD [Rating: 2.5]


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