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Abduction of an American Playgirl / Winter Heat (1975 & 1976)

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1975 and 1976

DVD Release: January 7, 2014

Director: Claude Goddard

Rated XXX

Review by James Klein

Vinegar's double feature of Abduction of an American Playgirl and Winter Heat works as a double feature in that they are both about men abducting or forcing their way with a woman. However, both films have a completely different tone to them which I found an interesting change of pace from the usual adult movies I seem to have been stuck watching lately.  

The first film is Abduction of an American Playgirl which the title says it all. Will and Fred are two Miller drinking buddies who seem to be bored with their mundane life. While sitting in their car one afternoon they come up with an idea to abduct a rich woman and hold her for ransom but not until they get their rocks off first. The men abduct Jackie, a rather rich looking and attractive woman. The men knock her out and take her to a cabin where they go through her belongings while calling her father up demanding money. Unbeknownst to them, the father doesn't want her back and seems to be enjoying the fact that she's out of his hair.
Abduction of an american playgirl

As these two goofballs banter about what to do, they decide to try and have sex with Jackie which she rather enjoys and takes pleasure in. And when she wants more, even better for these two dorks. but when she continues to keep wanting it with the threat of going to the police if they don't satisfy her, Will and Fred soon turn into her captives. Not even their friends can bale them out (which they try to much to Jackie's willingness).

While I did laugh a few times during this comedic adult film, Abduction of an American Playgirl does get too stupid and overly slapsticky for its own good. I happened to like that most of the men in the movie are buffoons but with only two women in the entire movie, the sex scenes quickly get dull and uninteresting. The leads do their best and the woman who plays Jackie almost looks like a mother which I found different and sort of unsettling. That's something we don't normally see in adult films which gibes Abduction a bit of a more realistic look. Even more bizarre is the fact that no director is credited for this film, not even on imdb. Abduction does look decent and sounds fine so adult film fans will be happy to know that the ample amount of pubic hair and real floppy boobers look crystal clear on DVD. Rounding out the special features is an old beat up trailer (which for some reason was called Abduction of an American Plowgirl).

Winter Heat is very different compared to Abduction in that it plays more like a home invasion horror film rather than an adult film. Starring our favorite sleazebag Jamie Gillis, Winter Heat owes more to Last House on the Left than any other adult film I have seen. Even Gillis himself looks like the late David Hess.

Three men and a crazed lady decide to go to a remote cabin in the woods to see about having some fun. Their ring leader Stevie (Gillis) convinces his gang that this will be fun and that they will all have a good time. When they barge into the cabin and find three attractive women inside, Stevie and the rest of the gang force these women into having sex with them while forcing these ladies to go through humiliation and name calling.
Winter Heat

A great drinking game for this film would be to do a shot every time Stevie calls a woman "slut" or "whore" or "cunt". When he asks one lovely lady why she's shaved, she tells him because she's had an operation, just getting out of the hospital to which he blows off and even makes fun of. He then forces the woman to eat oatmeal while fingering her. Oh, I forgot to mention that his friend is forcing fellatio while spouting off bizarre poetry and lame jokes while Stevie is having his oatmeal dinner.

Winter Heat was considered a "roughie" when released in the 70's where adult films were starting to turn rather mean-spirited and violent. None of the women in Winter Heat look like they are enjoying themselves and Jamie Gillis comes off as a real creep who continues to belittle and practically rape all the women in the movie until he gets his lame comeuppance in the films rather abrupt and silly climax.

I feel almost guilty in admitting that I liked Winter Heat but that is because I have a baby soft spot for home invasion films. I prefer my adult movies to have a more darker or insane twist to them and Winter Heat does just that. There is also plenty of unintentionally hilarious lines of dialog with these strange characters, my favorite being one of Stevie's thugs telling his companions about getting hemorrhoids while he was raped in jail.

Aside from the opening credits, Winter Heat looks fine. There are no special features or trailer however which is a shame. I would love to have seen how this was marketed to the adult film crowd back in the day.

Abduction of an American Playgirl [Rating: 2]

Winter Heat [Rating: 3.5]

DVD [Rating: 3]

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