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Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger (1979)

Nurse Diary Wicked FingerStudio: Impulse

Theatrical Release: September 8th, 1979

DVD Release: July 9th, 2013

Rating: UnRated!

Directed by Shinichi Shiratori

Review by Craig Sorensen


Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger is probably the most conventional film in Impulse’s Nikkatsu series.  No peeing, no weird sexual hangups (unless you consider gay women weird I guess), nothing too crazy.  It’s not a bad film or anything, just nothing really weird happens.  And that’s what I’m really looking for in these films.  So I ended up checking my watch a few times.

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 7a

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 3

The film concerns hot nurse Ryoko (Etsuko Hara) as she moves out of the nurse’s dormitory.  Her seemingly mentally handicapped friend Emi (Megu Kawashima) is very upset by this (because she is secretly, sexually attracted to her).  Ryoko is moving out of the dorms so she can spend more time with her married doctor lover, Edagawa (Hiroshi Unayama).  Ryoko also has a creepy peeping tom neighbor who gets a vacuum cleaner stuck on his cock while masturbating.  Eventually complications arise with Edagawa’s wife and an exhibitionist patient.

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 6

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 5a

This has to be the lightest film in the Nikkatsu series by far.  Other than that incident with a vacuum cleaner, the sex is all pretty vanilla.  It’s a pretty standard sex comedy.  With a few tweaks this could be a standard American ‘80s sex comedy (something like Nurse School: The Motion Picture).  I was kind of expecting something crazy involving fingers.  I believe this is a kind of follow up to the film Nurses’ Dormatory: Assy Fingers, which I have not seen but I’m just going to assume that it involves shoving fingers up asses.  There’s nothing like that going on here.  It’s just a standard sex comedy with healthy dollops of soap opera dramatics.  That’s not to say the film is necessarily bad, like most of the Nikkatsu sex films, it’s very well made.  The photography is very nice and compositions are colorful (which is a nice change of pace from the movies of today).  It’s also got a goofy synth score which always helps in my book.

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 8

Nurse Diary Wicked Finger 4

I always feel like I’m repeating myself at this point but, here’s another Nikkatsu film that looks great.  The scope transfer looks very good to me.  Colors are bold and all the flesh looks natural.  At this point, you should just assume that these Nikkatsu films are going to look nice.  Again, you get the original theatrical trailer and the needed historical liner notes from Jasper Sharp as special features.

[Rating: 3 Stars]

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