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Emanuelle Around the World (1977)

Studio: Severin

Theatrical Release: September 16, 1977 (Italy)

DVD Release: November 2, 2010

Director: Joe D'Amato


Review by James Klein

The Emmanuelle series is kind of a confusing one. The first film simply titled Emmanuelle was released in 1974 as a soft core French film about a woman whose bored with her married life and seeks out sexual fantasies. The film was a major success around the world and spawned several sequels. As a few years passed, a separate series named the "Black Emanuelle" series starring Laura Gemser began. This time Emaunelle is a photo journalist instead of the simple bored house wife. Made in Italy and starring the Indonesian Gemser, these series were often filled with violence and graphic sex.

Emanuelle Around the World has Gemser reprising her role as Emanuelle after the last entry, Emanuelle in America. Directed by the king of Italian sleaze, Joe D'Amato Severin has released the complete uncut version of Emaunelle Around the World with actual hard core sex scenes inserted into the film.

Emanuelle Around the World doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it starts off rather strangely pretty much almost immediately as Emanuelle has sex with a truck driver in the back of his trailer who then is dropped off at a hotel to meet her supervisor to go over her next assignment. While its rather an odd beginning, one doesn't watch these films really for plot or character development or even a coherent story. It's all about sex and this film has plenty of it.

Emanuelle's assignment is to uncover a secret sex slave operation that takes our heroine all around the world from India, Hong Kong, the Middle East and New York. As Emanuelle gets caught up in many adventures and situations, she usually gets out of them by being nude or having sex with men and/or women. But in this entry she has a sidekick which is fellow journalist Cora Norman (played by the beautiful Karin Schubert) who also likes to get nude and have sex. Why can't I work with people like this?

One of the many highlights is Emanuelle discovering and thus joining in on a sex orgy in India where the high priest enforces the law that by having an orgasm means death. Another highlight is Emanuelle being captured by a deformed blind gangster, watching a bunch of US Senators cheer on the rape of a woman as she is attacked by homeless men, and being forced to witness a woman in Hong Kong being raped by various wildlife. Classy this isn't.
Emanuelle around the world

Severin's DVD has no special features at all, not even a trailer. However, the film is presented fully uncut which is exactly what fans want to see. The picture quality ranges from good to average as most of the hard core scenes look much more grainier than others. There is the option of watching the movie dubbed or subtitled in the original Italian language. But aside from that, the movie doesn't offer any commentary or interviews.

If you have a strong stomach and find scenes of bananas being inserted into vaginas and bestiality funny or amusing, Emanuelle Around the World is worth traveling to. Not a film I'd ever want to watch with my parents.

[Rating: 3]

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