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Drive-in Collection: Virgin and the Lover AND Lustful Feelings (1973/1977)

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1973 and 1977

DVD Release: October 8. 2013

Director: Kemal Horulu


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome's newest double feature of good old fashioned adult entertainment and filth is one that only fans of adult films will enjoy...or those that like to jump in a time capsule to the amazing, glorious 1970's. Both films, directed by adult film maker Kemal Horulu, are now presented from the original 35 mm camera negatives completely remastered.

The first film, Virgin and the Lover, has a bizarre plot that chickens out as it goes along. The movie begins with poor Paul (Eric Edwards), a troubled young man whose lover has died in a car accident which he can't seem to get over her death. Paul speaks to a psychiatrist about his problems and tells him about his strange dreams about dancing with a mannequin who he believes is his ex lover. Paul also has the hots for the psychiatrists receptionist, Julie, who also likes him as well although that doesn't stop her from going out and getting some action when Paul fails to put the moves on her.

a different kind of love

As Paul edits and works on a film he made about lesbians, he begins to get all turned on and finally decides its time to sow some wild oats. The light hearted comedy/drama ends with the psychiatrist falling in love with his own mannequin. Yeah, don't ask. I didn't understand that one either. But are these films really made for its in depth plot and three dimensional characters?

different kind of love

While some of the dialog made me laugh at times and I enjoyed the 70's clothing (and lack of) Virgin and the Lover is pretty bland. It's not awful as there is plenty of graphic sex but one can't help but search for the fast forward button after awhile as the fuck scenes just start to get boring after awhile. With a plot revolving around mannequins, I expected something much more out there.

different kind of luv

The second film, Lustful Feelings (or called Feelings according to the trailer and DVD cover) is a much better film and one that feels like an actual drama but with some added sex scenes thrown in. Lustful Feelings stars the one and only Jamie Gillis as Tony, a down on his luck drug dealer who owes a bit of money to the local mob boss. Tony needs to come up with some fast cash quickly so he enlists his girlfriend Joanna (the beautiful Lesllie Bovee) to do some nude photography for the mob boss and his clients. Little does Tony know, its not just nude photography they are giving her money for.


As Joanna starts to turn tricks with everyone in sight, men and women, she quickly enjoys it and wants to keep doing what she is doing until Tony gets wind of what is really happening. But Tony is no saint either as he bangs his next door neighbor along with some coked up whores who owe him money. When Joanna starts to get caught up in some S&M photo shoots/sex acts and is also attacked by black gangsters, things get a little bleak for Tony.

lustful feelings

Lustful Feelings has some fairly decent acting for an adult film and I also happened to enjoy some of the music that was played in the back ground in certain scenes. Also, the sex scenes are short and the movie almost feels like a cheap, 70's Martin Scorsese knock-off which isn't a bad thing necessarily. It's different than most adult films and because of that, I enjoyed it for what it was or at least tried to do. Watch for actor Robert Kerman, best known for Cannibal Holocaust, as a peeping Tom.

vinegar drive-in collection

Both films look great on DVD and if you compare the trailers for both films to the actual presentation of the movies themselves, its obvious that Vinegar did a lot of work on them. I'm happy to see Vinegar is going to great lengths in remastering their Drive-In Collection DVD's.

Virgin and the Lover [Rating: 2]

Lustful Feelings [Rating: 2.5]

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