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Hitler – The Rise of Evil (2003)

Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment
Canadian Television Mini-Series Release May 18, 2002
Directed by Christian Duguay

Review by Doug Loge

As an amateur historian and WWI & WWII reenactor, I looked forward to seeing this movie (mini-series) about one of the most infamous people of the 20th century Adolf Hitler. I had read a fair amount of books on him including biographies, a book by a childhood friend, numerous books by close associates, and even his horribly written memoir Mein Kampf. The film did have a fair amount of respected actors, and I expected the movie to utilize their talents. The film stars Robert Carlislr. Julianna Margolis, Matthew Modine, Liev Schreiber, Stockard Channing, and Peter O'Toole

So what do I think? Well, as an AH biography, the film was seriously flawed. AH being a destructive child and then later conning his WWI company officer into giving him a medal, are just the start of the many historical inaccuracies of this film. The supporting character portrayals in the film were also lacking. Most of the actors didnt physically resemble the actual historical figures, and a few didnt even portray their character based on historical evidence. The film failed to capture the historical nature of the times that were shown as well.

The “look” of the film itself was quite good, save for some pretty generic CGI crowd scene work. This look, including the location of the filming is probably the only redeeming quality of the film. Eastern Europe still cannot cannot be beat as far as its pre-WWI look.

Unfortunately, I think this film fell into the well worn AH myth, that his sole purpose in life was the total destruction of the jews. Everything he ever did, or ever wanted to do, was for that aim alone. While it is clear he was a rabid anti semite, there is a bit more to him than that. It is too easy of an explanation. It is not the reason he was able to become the leader of 80 million German, nor eventually control most of Europe. Just about any credible book on AH will shed more light into the history and  persona of AH than this movie ever can.

Movie: [Rating: 1]

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