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The Muslims Are Coming! (2013)

Release: September 12, 2013
Review by Charles Pearce

Here come the Muslims is a funny and heartfelt documentary filled with honest conversation about religion and comedy regarding a demographic largely seen as the "most hated" group in America right now.

Following several self-identified Muslims on a comedy tour through parts of the country they find as foreign as the people there see Muslims the audience gets a glimpse at what it's like to be different yet still appreciating that we're all the same.

Calling this just a stand-up film is selling the content short. Filled to the brim with interviews from notable comedians and thinkers the documentary tries hard to understand the religious divide in our country predicated on terrorist act and cultural misrepresentation now over ten years gone.

The documentary delights at showcasing the stereotypes on both sides of the equation. The Muslim comedians from New York are as much surprised at how normal small town Americans are as Small Town America is surprised how normal New York Muslims are.

There are moments in the film where the narrative focus can be lost, and you forget if this film is a documentary or comedy review, but even with the minor shortfalls we still get an important exploration of identity, prejudice, and acceptance all with the sweet medicine of comedy to ease any stinging moments of discomfort.

This film makes a great evening at-home rental viewing with a little wine before and a good conversation after. Recommended for date nights.

A film by Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah

Opens September 12, 2013

This film has not been rated.

Official Website For The Muslims Are Coming | @MuslimsRComing

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